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Do they mean “the joy and success of your remains”?

But if it happened we did not hear from you after 7 days, then we say: MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE” YOUR JOY AND SUCCESS REMAINS OUR GOAL.

Is that stealing and monetizing other people’s clips on YouTube?

I have at my command 3800 Soldiers and Agents Everywhere throughout the United States who deals with the Complaints going against Humanity that endangers the human rights and the Attracting Acts Porn Videos Publications on Sites reputed in the World Car on its chains of children there as well as people who suffer from cliptomania who do not have to see sexual act.

There’s nothing funny I can say about this, so here’s some facts.

Flamzy is the stage name of a Nigerian Christian/gospel singer.  Apparently it also means “F**king lit”.  The more you know….

you keep given flamzy excuse
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