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They check your bucks and they check your bones.


He’s a happy camper.

I am happy that someone looked at me and was pleased and had trousers tent)))))

It was the dog, I swear!

I do not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi)))))
I hope you understand about I. In general that it is cheerful,
Only a smell not so pleasant.

Air comes in, air goes out.

Kindly provide bellows information for processing.

Which will take 936 years. I did the math.

We wish to inform you that you have been scheduled to be paid $10,250,000.00 through our Automated teller machine card (ATM Card)
which you will only be required to proceed to any ATM Cash Point to withdraw the sum of $30 per day till the payment is completed.

Full email at

A quick sex change, then a quick reversal.

Mr John Lemon <>

My name is Dr. Sarah Alade ; I am a Director, Banking Operations Department
working with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Yours sincerely,
Mr John Lemon

Great, that’ll at least buy me a 6 pack.

please reconfirm your contact address mobile transfer of your fund of $9.5

Full email can be found at

A swing and a miss(us).

Are you mr/mrs?

My first thought was this:

Banking on your mind.

With this Online Banking Transfer
Processing, you can only transfer the Maximum Amount of
US $ 500.000.00 daily / install mentally until the total amount
of your Compensated / deposited fund is transferred and
completely paid to you

I need you ear.

i lobe you baby
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