Monthly Archives: February 2017

If I had that name, I’d have picked a different email address.

Contact Person. Ms. Kathy Dick


The big cheese.

Your profile just won a Cheese of $1,500,000 .00 dollars.

Does that mean we’re off your Christmas card list?

I am in concept of your mail and you are a cheap liar, i ran a background check and find out that this is always your attitude in lying about every accoount given to you. you very foolish by trying to play your shitty games here. delete all informations now about me and fuck off.

Telepathic gender reassignment.

I did managed to reached his family through telepathically only to find out of her wife has die in 2014

And now they’re ‘armless.

both was killed by arm robbers in their home.

You may need to hold it a bit longer.

Sir u should have this potty for me how long I have been suffering, am sure this means u don’t love me

There’s no rhyme or – you can guess the rest.

Compliment of the reason, i wish to remind you are our transaction
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