Monthly Archives: October 2016

It’s the opposite of coming.

Please what is going?

Tie a knot in a hanky.


This is to brief you before I forget and it is your responsibility to remind me of this later.

It takes all sorts.

I mate with Mr. James Comey the current FBI Director during my resent visit to the white.

We’ll cross that when we get to it.

the Government is threatening fire and bridge stone to confiscate the funds.

That would make it a “power bank”.

My late husband kept a large sum of fund for us in a volt in a bank in Europe

Age is the enemy of us all.


I’ll drink to that.

this is the things you will be expecting from him in the gift any moment from now,
A package which teddy beer was inside it, inside the teddy beer, i put the sum of $30,000USD

Money on his mind.

Your fiscal out looking photos attracted me to pick you among others

Allen, Alice, close enough.

Sgt. Allen Glaer <>
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