Monthly Archives: June 2016

Sleepy heads.

i apologize on behalf of the entired bank ZENITH BANK OF NIGERIA

We never cut our washing powder with cocaine.

Drug free laundry certificate.

Again with the reassignment surgery.

I feel God has a role for everyone in life, and her chosen role for me is to be a excellent husband, father, and family woman

Once the reassignment surgery’s been completed.

I miss you,
Your Future Queen

Is that an official title?

obtained my degree in UNIVERSITY OF SENECA in Canada self-proclaimed Master of CIVIL ENGINEERING


The secret of success is secret.

It stinks!

your fund was delay because of the military promulgated and Obnoxious decree

Jesus saves – with us.

Our Payment Code Of Conduct, “GOD IS GREAT”

It says so on the tin.

The secret of success is secret.
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