Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sparken Sie Deutsch?

when someone spark Germany i might hear what they say but i can’t spark or talk in Germany but i hear the words.

Audio problems.

Unfortunately the plugin we were using for audio files is not working.  As soon as we can get it back up and running, we’ll let you know.

Another location loser.

New York City, United Kingdom

Will 20% do you?

Please I need your almost sincerity and trust on this matter.

No more cheep lies!

please never have you make fowl statement of anything from this bank

As endorsed by the Chicago Cubs.

We usually see what we refer to as as a “red seal of truth” on the fake documents we receive from scammers.  This one is a little more special and a lot more stupid.

20151122214249-fa1f6c44-sm (1)


May this note find you in good health and high vibration

Enough to make a TomTom scream.

From Hong Kong, Canada, Philippines

How does this make any sense?

I’m 35 Year old mixed race Dad was a white man and Mum was a black woman and thats why i looks white Female
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