Things that make you go “WTF?!?!”

Hello Dear
I got good news to share, my name is Joe Barrey and i living presently in the USA for 36 years now. I lost my job a couple of months back and I’m Black American so living with two adopted kids, a lovely boy and a girl who age 16 & age 10 for the boy. I received a call 2 weeks back which stated this “Royalty at the door” which am going to be explaining breifly. I’m contacting you because of the repeated voice in my heart calling out your name telling me in the head to make a contact with you because you are my helper and i wonder why is that? this had taking full circle for months now as it keep occuring whenever I’m relaxed at work or at home in the church and everywhere i go. I have wondered who you are every bit of it. This voice keep reminding me of one word “She is on the way” and says your name is “Lovely” is this correct please? and says you can my helper. I’m in search of a wife because right now i have less time, i’ll explain about the call; I have less time to ascend a throne i wonder how, till i found my lovely parent who took good care of me are my forster parent basically my biological parent are of a Royal Blood line. The call came from a woman claiming to be my aunty Mrs Destiny Osageduwa who said to me i’m the crown prince of Esan land of Edo Kingdom and said i must come back home or there will be caos in the land because i’m the choosen prince of all the prince in the kingdom to rule. It seem like a dream and a scam till i ask my forster Father is Dead and Mother a cripple who confirm it is true. She had mention she was a tourist in africa when this all happen years ago as she kept it a secret till this days Saying i was to be taking away from Africa so the evil and jealousy of men will not harm me, she said my birth is a testimony because it rained all day on the faithful birthday (24th december 1955) and fertility all through as the years go by, so i’m a special prince who at that tender age needed to be kept safe and sound for the sake of my destiny. It is the tradition and custom of my people not to showcase the crown prince till he is of age to rule in the royal palace from the eyes of the evil one so they beleive. My forster mother is a cripple and am lonely in this world all alone. I’m in search of a Woman who’ pride will be my desire but rather unfortunately i haven’t found this missing puzzle in my life. For now i want a contract marriage with you because Mrs Lovely had said it is the tradition & custom of my people up IN Africa that my wife will travel all the way to Africa to observe the Kingdom, People, Resources and way of life before there can be any crowning and ruling over her subjects, I thinking you can do this for me? so if she is satisfied i can then come and meet her and the marriage ceremony and coronation starts properly. My Queen should be from any race which had never happened before according to Mrs Destiny, any color but must have a good home training as well as a lovely family tree. I beleive you have this quality so i can say destiny has a better way of unfolding beautiful paths together. I’ll love to have you contact details as soon as you have decided on contract proposal, humbly desire your sincere thoughts and decesion because a man of his word is right at the door step of your house only will you open the door and accept me for who i’m? a nobody, a commoner, a stranger and a friend.. What ever you decide will be nice and okay with me as i do undersatnd the decision might be somewhat dreadful for you, and if you will love to have more information about this proposal kindly indicate in your message in gratitude to mother nature hopefully receive a message from you and I hope i’ve made the right contact? You have a lovely week and so i await your message, and please inform me if you have no interest so i can move on with my life okay, thanks for your audience and time, bye for now.