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From: Musa Malik <>

Dept Reconciliaton Depart.Central Bank Of Nigeria.
Plot 433, Yacubu Gowon Crescent ,
Assokoro District ,
Abuja Nigeria.


Attn: Friend,

Regard to our meetings with the board of the directors this morning
your contract consignment has been deliver to our affiliated security
company DUBAI and is your duty to proceed to Dubai to the security
company and claim your consignment as it was deposited as personal
effect and the attachment is how the consignment was package.

If you are ready to receive your funds arrange your self and proceed
to Dubai any moment from now but before you leave i will give you the
contact of the person in charge to open a communication with him and
tell him when you will be going to Dubai to claim your funds

Finally you are advice to send us your id card or international
passport for security reason;s

We are looking forward to receiving the above required information.

Yours Faithfully,
Musa Malik.
Secretary, Debt Reconcilliation.(CBN).

Here’s a zoomed in copy of the image of the consignment box received with the email. Check what the label says is in it.  The best part is, that looks to have been added after, along with the dodgy Photochopping of the other label!


OK, whatever you say.

my dad is Bethany OK

That’s some pretty kinky role play.

Am a widowed father or a single daughter

The day before the day after last.

your application to this Bank dated few hours ago yestertoday being Friday

It’s one way to plump up your duvet.

Fill in the required blanket bellow

We are the Arthur Cooper. Resistance is useless.

to let you know that we the Arthur Cooper, we are messengers and happy that you can not say that we don’t tell you this maybe you don’t know us will we the Arthur Cooper,any where you are in this world we hope that you know us will that you are in USA or any where there if we the Arthur Cooper, are send to get you that well be so bad to you we ask you to mark peace in this case like you said to you if you well not come you have to send you lawyer you to come on you behalf this is all we the Arthur Cooper, have to say to you on till we are send to you happy you can not say we don’t tell you this you know that have to law ask us to do and we Arthur Cooper, we do,it very very will Kind regards,

Arthur Cooper,
District Clerk.

Those damn sinkholes are everywhere.

Dear I tried to married earlier but tragically 4-yrs ago was the lose of my wife and also my only child. She sunk together with care.

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