Monthly Archives: March 2015

Yeah, but I live in Wales.

I have running a lot around Russia ans sometimes in Ukraine also. I know a lot about your culture.

He’s a dolphin? Seriously, I have no clue what this one’s talking about.

Personaluty i am not land man, but not city people.


I just snick out from hostel now to check on my mail

Make up your damn mind!

Let me start by saying I really appreciate your caring and answers to my questions along with the pictures you sent. You really make me feel great like the best woman in the world.

I’m really glad that we can exchange messages and i’m wondering why you have not sent any of your photos.

Premature inboxulation.

If this message came inside you junk, kindly move the message to your inbox

Cabbage head.

I’m easy to vegetational girl

How time flies.

I was so happy when my Guru Lama contacted me to inform me that a Vajrapani Ruel is available, 40 to 50 years since it was last made.

According to my Guru Lama, a Vajrapani ruel can only be made inside Tibet, and he now has the latest batch of Vajrapani Ruel made available which was recently made.

I can’t stand the rain.

Please my lovely Father, just bring me out of this hail, i want to be with you. Is just my passport that is keeping me from coming out of this hail and being with you daddy.
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