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An open relationship.

I am 30 yo married single and horny and need some nsa fun.

A fortune worth fighting for.

Fwd:Your late Uncle left a deposit of 9.8 GBP for you as his next of Kin,send
me email at to get more details

Confucius say…

Yes, there will always be UP and Down in everything, Remember tongue always have fight with teeth and mouth every time and they resolved it.


Dear Lucky Winner,
You are fouling yourself not us

Carelessness kills.

one of the Daughter of former president of Libya Muammar Gaddafi who dies carelessly during the Libyan revolution

Chicken in the hole!

i am not feeling fine the hole of my heart is affected with chook of thinking

You’re forgiven.

i have a business froposal for you “Please forgive my indignation..

Season’s greetings.

Received January 11th

I wish you all the best in this Christmas.

Also, one extra one also received today.

I Wishes You and Your Entire Family Happy News Year..

Wetern wild.

From: wetern union <>
Reply-To: wetern union <>
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