Here’s one seriously bad script.

Dear Sir/Madam?

How are you doing i hope all is well with you before heading to the major point i will first of all introduce myself to you my name is Mrs Teta Oliou 46 years old 4rm liberia i married an actor the either of song writer called late mr omar jim listing to my expression here my husband and my childrens etc was wiped off during the time of liberia’s civil war rebels attacked our house and killed my husband applicable to my two childrens unffortunately i ran away to burkina faso where i projected my forst company that is producing cements base in ouagadougou capital of burkina faso.

I am just managing myself with my smooth business the next thing sickness unexpectedly arrived to hold me captive six years after the war i got myself in a terrible sickness called cancer affliction God so kind a tight friend of mine took me to the highest hospital in burkina faso general hospital there i apparently at moment beside what the doctor negotiated out that i will be undergo surgery starting from next week to be honest and positive to you i am not sure of my life despise what am passing through it’s was extremely painfully to me because my situation this moment are not minimize i dont think i can survive it.

Therefore kindly contact the doctor who are threating me in other to facilitate you for your claim incase if i did not survive it as via email address and telephone number below;( 68125905) all my document was kept with him the doctor also eventually ask him of my banks details with my A.T.M card let your ears be opened i have sum of (5.5 MILLION US DOLLARS) in my bank account i have already mandated him to consider you when you appear for it meanwhile he was awared that you are the one to resist as my next of kin according to what i briefed to him that you are a foreigner partner who will proclaim my inheritances as my next of kin go ahead and proceed as normally with my legal Doctor. Martins Steven do not be afraid of anyone be proud with it ahead ahead i am the one that authorised you okay.

Your favourite?

Mrs Teta Oliou.