Monthly Archives: September 2014

One word. Kleenex.

Ok i go stain my hand because of you, just watch..

Lies on nylon.

you are telling me shirt or what

Screw the dead body. Let’s get the money before calling the police.

they plan and kill my husband in order to inherit his properties but they do not know about this deposit i made with security company.i don’t want to involve police right now until security company bring the box to your house

Hardy har her.

when someone husband died her step brother will take control all his access include her wife.

And just what in the hell is that supposed to be?


WLTM a skittish woman

I would love to see a woman who looks good in a skits as well as jeans and a t-shirt.

One for every day of the week.

I have desire to find in life of the good person and to have with it stable relations, perhaps seven.

We take good scare of your parcels.

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