Monthly Archives: August 2014

There’s a “T” in Texas, but no sea.

am an engineer working with diamond offshore drilling company in the middle of the sea here in Texas,am at work right now.

She doesn’t look his age.

Female / Single
22 – Austin / United States


Nothing can tear them apart.

searching for my missing rip

Sure. Smell me about yourself.

hello am janet by name………. can we oder for chat?

Guaranteed to piss off the ex Mrs. Cyclops.

My Perfect First Date we hold hand by bitch and look into your eye.

Look for the bare incasities.

incase of incasity

Squirting out of the side of the donut.

i am anxiously waiting for your feedback in other to know how the filling is

You don’t sound so sure.

Am Matilda by Name Probably

Not mentioning the fact it’s illegal of course.

I drive safely, even while talking on the phone

Vroom vroom!

I need a carring man to spend the rest of my life with …
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