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The mind can do what the hell it wants though.


Blonde you say?

Ethnicity: European with Blond Hair Color


Keeping it in the family.

all i want is a man who can love me for who i am, someone who is positive at heart,generous,loving and a real man who i can be referred to as my father.

Caucasian you say?

Ethnicity: Caucasian with Black Hair Color / Blue Eye Color


To excess – and beyond!

Am ruth hardworking lady, I like swimmming excesing my body


I very much doubt the female you wrote that to is going to be very happy.

Will you share the adventure of life as we help one another become happier, better people along the way…? coz i want to make my man the happiest man in life and also i will love to him till the end of the world.i love you dear and also i will end here and wait for your reply…..



Fill ‘er up!

looking for a man that can make me fill like a real woman

you all friend’s you are welcome

For the record, the stolen photo is of Kayden Kross.


They have the power to protect.

As soon as I receive your reply I will give you the contact of the Security Volt London-UK.

Another stupid sex switch.

My wife ( Susan Patrick Amson) died in a fatal motor accident Before her death we were
true Christians. Since his death I decided not to re-marry,

Oh God, I love a spanking.

i’m sure God will definitely help me out on that.. So make sure you always pray for me on that too, okay.. Or my spanking on your but might just come around..
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