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Ooh, so close….

Location: usa, Namibia

All men must be honest about being a woman.



Man Seeking Women
For Activity Partner

I am humble, loving, caring and honest. Only honest man pls contact. I love music and swiming and all sorts of honesty.

Dis declaimer is deturbing.



de·claim  (d?-kl?m?)

v. de·claimedde·claim·ingde·claims

1. To deliver a formal recitation, especially as an exercise in rhetoric or elocution.
2. To speak loudly and vehemently; inveigh.

To utter or recite with rhetorical effect.
dis·claim·er  (d?s-kl??m?r)


1. A repudiation or denial of responsibility or connection.
2. Law A renunciation of one’s right or claim.


Well-educated scarming lady…

Ass if I could refuse.

Well… would you like to bum bodies with me?

I’m a meanie.

can u tell me more about your self and your mean  reason of been on the site??

A quick plug.

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He thinks you’re acute

Hello my sweet angle

With THAT picture?

rossnagel Profile: looking for a one man woman


American English.

New York, England, GB
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