Monthly Archives: December 2013

Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed today.

Hello useless man, fake human-being how are you doing? Mr player happy sunday….

That’s the wrong location eh.

Location: Canada, Georgia, US

Hola Charles Soludo.

Location: Ghana Accra, Mexico

Only mugus and horses.

Ghana Accra, Arizona, US

He has a certain attraction to him.

My Profession: Business Magnet

Personally I like the second one.

i hate cheating or laying

Nancy boy.

eliza12345 Profile: am a good boy


It’s all about erections.

i love sex ,and reading romantic novel and watching sex films and am an constructing engineer

Well that’s reassuring. Or a let down, depending on your point of view.

i am filled with love and passion and i am down to heart,laid back woman who want to explore my love and also share my feelings to the one my heart desires…(i am not a perv)..

Washing itself in an ice bath.

am as cool as dove
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