Monthly Archives: September 2013

I can think of two good reasons why.

i was a missionary and traveled around but it was not accepted.


She doesn’t sound so shy to me.

My Perfect First Date
On my first date, i will like to be taken out for a drink, we would both talk passionately as i am the shy type. After some drinks we should naturally end up in some place i would not define…..

See scammer. See scammer run. Run scammer, run.

i’m looking for serious man, love sex, sex man, good man

I want to believe – AKA “One for the X-Files fans”.

I would be waiting for the details as directed as soon as possible.
Walter Skinner
FBI Assistant Director.

The league of mushrooms.

Félicitation votre e-mail vient d’être le robot de la compagnie Heineken sas dans le but primé les supporteurs numéro 1 de la LIGUE des CHAMPIGNONS.

What you “nid” is a spell checker.

my nem is judy brown i nid a gud man for marriage

One! One child! Ah ha ha!

I am the one and only child of my parent, i will count it

When chocolates just aren’t enough.

looking for someone to care, love and make a sacrifice for me

You can ceep your ceys on it.

i am humble and nice am searching for serious relationship. a man with a good ceyring

Mexic uh oh.

Manchester united kingdom, Mexico
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