So glad to have you back Robert Carbuccia.

FedEx Delivery office
New York, United State of America
Address: 105 Duane St, New York, NY 10007, United States
Office Number: +1-718-713-2152

Dear Sir,

This is Robert Carbuccia
FedEx General Manager
Delivery Department.

let  me  advise  you  for  your  goodnes  send  your  last  fee  and  see  fedex  action  by  delivery  of  your  atm  card  for  sure  this  week.  and  we  make  move  again  today  while  one  single  paper  is  holding  us.

On our Journey to your destination this morning we came across with the custom at JFk Airport New York, and they requested for the documents we have for your delivery, so we submitted all the documents which we have paid for including the one presented  by  zenith  bank  for a  long, so they received it and stated that we need an Acknowledge Document been  the  final document  only to complete your file before your delivery shall take place.

The  custom  stated that they will contact you directly to inform you. Please kindly advise if they have contacted you or not? because we need to finalize your delivery Quickly latest by tomorrow or  this  week.

Waiting for your urgent response.

also  you  have  to  discuss  highly  with  kelvin  smith  to  issue  the  last  document  to  attach  this  week  and  make  your  delivery  as  urgent  while  make  sure  you  send  the  last  fee  to  see  our  action  of  the  delivery  of  your  atm  card  immediately  you  send  your  payment  mtcn.

this  is  kelvin  smith  regular  contact  to  reach  him in west  africa for your low cost document.
name:  kelvin  smith.
phone:  234-803-482-6233.  you  can  even  get  intouch  with  him.


Robert Carbuccia
FedEx General Manager
Delivery Department.
Office Number: +1-718-713-2152.
phone:  +1-716-203-1143.