Wowie zowie, this man needs a 48 hour day to keep up with his hobbies!

I like Hip hop,RnB,Classical Music,…………Novels, history, Honest, loyal, devoted, romantic, sincere, dependable, strong, adventurous, poetic, passionate, social, intelligent, professional. Exercises, Visiting Friends,Horse riding, Water Sports, Snow Skiing, Fly Fishing, Camping, Dancing, Movies, Plays, and I love to Travel. Dance club, jazz, European Electro lounge, classic rock, pop, classical, eclectic. Spy novels or professional trade materials. Sailing, walking, boating, cycling, cooking I like blue and wine Colors.

Dinner with friends, movies, dancing, walking, cooking out, listening to diverse music, reading, traveling and sailing are some activities I really enjoy. My work at jisecureit is challenging and rewarding but seeing my children having fun, accomplishing a goal or enjoying dad-time gives me ultimate happiness.