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Stupid scammer of the month candidate.

Sent to my email address.



Hi Good Day,

I’d like to offer you a job, are you still interested?


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Your Future Team Leader

Susan Barker


Internet Marketer

Football crazy.

LOCATION . ..................Manchester City United Kingdom

The first Robert Carbuccia email of 2013

  i am Robert Carbuccia
Fedex new york office.
phone: +1-716-203-1143. dont  call  me.  call  kelvin  smith  for  delivery.
you can call me in new york today.
Email  me  :

Hi  sir.
i am  Robert  carbuccia
Fedex  new  york  officer.
phone: +1-716-203-1143. dont  call  me  i  am  on  delivery   aspect  this  week  kindly   call  kelvin  smith   for  delivery  only.

this  is  serious  reminder. dont  allow  your  atm  card  to  deliver  back   as  custom  office  have  enter      your  delivery.
let  me  ask  you  about  your  atm  card  package  which  was  in  our  position  in  fedex  office  new  york  and  it  have  take  long  with  us.

the  question  is  to  advice you  today  wether  you  like  to  receive  your  atm  card  package  or  not why  because  we  receive  message  from  security  agent  united  nation  and  homeland  security  that  they  dont  want  any  delaying  tactics  about  delivery  packages  any  more  either  we deliver  back  your  package  or  you  send  your  last  fee  and  take  your  atm  card  the  following day.

also  i  must  advice  you  that  we  are  ready  to  release  your  atm  card  this  time  hence  you  will  comply  to  settle  your  obligation  last  fee  which  is  holding  your  atm  card  then  you  must  stay  in  door  to  receive  your  atm  card  immediately  you  send  the  last  fee  to  Mr  kelvin  smith  in  west  Africa.

this  is  Mr  kelvin  smith  all  contact  reach  him  immediately  for  your  last  certificate  of  ownership. Email:   phone: +234-803-482-6233.    kindly  reach  him  he  was  transffered  from  europe  to  west  africa  since  last  year.

warning,  do  not  transact  with  any  other  person  in  west  africa  to  avoid  those  hoodlums  while  you  have  bless  as  your  money  in  atm  card  must  arrive  after  payment  of  the  last  fee  i  promise  you  final  as  i  am  in  new  york  fedex  office.

Best  Regards,    i am Robert Carbuccia.
Fedex ew york office.
phone: +1-716-203-1143. call
you can call me in new york today.
Email  me  :

A Ouija board as standard in every bank office.

the bank can only inform the deceased attorney as the case may be, and they only waits for the deceased attorney to provide the HEIR to the fund

One thing leads to another.

i try to take in all i can. I’ll try anything and if i like it I’ll do it again.

Then, out of nowhere.

What I’ve learned from my experience with HIV?
Since i have known my status,i can come to see the world differently…initially i was sad and depressed but now i have come to realize that everything happens for a reason and its worse giving up on life…i have learnt to live in hope and prayer that someday soon a cure will be discovered for my illness.

What do we want?

alays as i want her too.a hardorking lady

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Country: United Kingdom
State: Kansas

With a mini brain.

i am cool and nice looking man, and i am a mini-try man.


you leaned over to kiss me. I hung u
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