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She’s immortal.

in my life there won’t be any ending at the end

It’s a subtle way to hint about having cojoined twins.

neither of my daughter wants to go with her, coz she have seen who her mother was.

i worked hard for my daughters future,wanting to see her all in flying colors…Yes, im proud to say i made it…My daughter were my life.

My daughter is my best friends

Just a little confused.

am a gentle, good woman who is much more a giver than a taker and someone who is passionate and compassionate, loyal and endearing, honest and honorable and very much the kind of man who knows how to treat a special woman.

Strewth, it’s Godzilla!

Tokyo, Australia

He’s a little short(y).

I was granted a bail of 2000 dollars with two shorty

Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.

This is work of God,i have a good  connect in  South Africa and it have make to praise God,  Sir the Business am talking about is Gold and Demon Business

You can be sure of 2 things in life.

Country: United States
State: Illinois
City: taxes

Police brutality!!

Thanks so much for feeling my pains…. Dis the pics of what happened! It happened 7th Oct @ my place of work, some guys rushed down a patient having a bullet wound on is chest, almost in the point of death, immediately i asked Wat really happened and i was a told there was a riot that happened in there school among the secret cult members, that they were the one that shot there friend and they have gone to the police station to report the incident,i asked for the police report….immediately one of them brought out a Police report and gave to me. immediately i started treating him, to cut the story short, could you believe dis guy i treated was an Armed robber. Not up to 2weeks after i discharged him, 2 of is friend and him was arrested at there residence. These how i got these prob, it was when the police was tourchuring them that who helped him to remove the bullet? That was how my name was included, the following day i was arrested and taken to the station. I tried to explain myself but the Police could not hear me out. The following day i was charged to court. I only tried to saving life, i know i have God!!! Pls never look down on me! Pls can i know more about you? Regard! Raphcares

Angry thearts.

Subject: Theart As Urgent

Dr. John Hernandez has already paid the demur rages from the security company,

What??? Just – what????

I went through your profile and it made my blood jumping around my veins like a blood in a roller,
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