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You want what?

From: loan offer2%

Do you need a loan?Apply with name:Country:Amount:Duration phony number;

{Isn’t that what scammers are supposed to give out? Fake numbers?} ūüėÄ

Wish suit tea, also known as Genie sweat.

Now we wish suit tea drink therefore I cannot to write to you more.

A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

i am Robert Carbuccia
Fedex new york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994.

you can call me in new york today.
Email  me  :
call phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.

Hi  sir. this  is  secound  reminder  no  murch  time  again  to  weaste  please.

i am  Robert  carbuccia
Fedex  new  york  officer.

bear  in  mind  that  your  fomer  bank  have  transfer  your  inherittance  fund  to  fedex  new  york
with  atm  card  in  the  sense  to  avoid  not   to pay  huge  tax  that  is why  your  fund  have  be  attach  in  atm  card  sent  to  new  york  fedex  for  easy  received  by  you  in  atm  card.

how  ever  it  maybe,  we  needs  your  reply  and  a  seriousnes  about  your  atm  card  because  we  dont  know  your  faith  again  while  i  am  urging  you  today  to  show  a  seriouness  about  your  atm  card  why  because  last  time  we  receive  a  person  came  to  put  claim  for   thesame  issue to  claim  your  atm  card while  she  was  arrested  to  the  new  york  police  where  you  determine  not  to  attend  to  him  but  later  he  was  released  anyway  for  your  non  appearance.

also  i  must  advice  you  that  we  are  ready  to  release  your  atm  card  this  time  hence  you  will  comply  to  settle  your  last  obligation  fee  which  is  holding  your  atm  card.

you  must  stay  in  door  to  receive  your  atm  card  immediately  you  send
the  last  fee  to  Mr  kelvin  smith  in  west  Africa  to  obtain  your  attach  document  which  started   since  9/11  terrorist  attack in  united  state  amended  by  united  nation.

this  is  Mr   kelvin  smith  all  contact   to   reach  him  immediately  for  your  last  certificate  of  ownership.Email:       or
phone: +234-803-482-26233.    kindly  reach  him  he  was  transffered  from  europe  to  west  africa  last  year.

warning,  do  not  transact  with  any  other  person  in  west  africa to  avoid  those  hoodlums  while  you  have  bless  this  as  your  money  must  arrive  after  payment  of  the  last  fee  i  promise  you  final.

Best   Regards,    i am Robert Carbuccia.
Fedex ew york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.
call  me  in  new  york  today.

Email  me  :

A girly man.

I am looking for a single Muslim man who is either single
or divorced. If you re looking for a simple and
uncomplicated guy that will be able to honor you and your
family and you want to live a normal happy life then I may
be the person for you.

This looks strangely familiar.

See if you can guess what scammer is behind this email.¬† I’ll give you a clue.¬† The name of his other well known character started with an “R” and ended in an “obert Carbuccia”.

Received: from ([]) by (Horde
Framework) with HTTP; Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:23:50 -0500
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:23:50 -0500

FedEx New York
NY 47th and 3rd 747 3rd Ave.

Delivery ATM payment department inheritance fund.
Reply Email :
phone: +1 3154039838

Dearest Beneficiary

I am Jerry Mark FedEx senior officer new york office.

With the recent instruction from united nations office

on your delivery payment ATM Package payment

Inheritance fund,
The above mentioned organization have already delivered

your ATM Package to new york FedEx as your inheritance

fund payment which was left unpaid for a long time ago.

you have to stop any contact with any body and follow

up FedEx new york instructions to receive your

Inheritance Fund ATM Package which is due for delivery

as your Inheritance payment Immediately you respond.

now let me advice you that we are basically situated at

New york FedEx office where we shall simply deliver

your ATM package of which no one shall Tamper your

package unless your self, that is the Law of FedEx

United states.

now for attachment to your file kindly issue to us your

full information to enable us deliver at a proper time

without delay of your package.

(1) your full name: …………………..
(2) your complete house address:……….
(3) telephone number:…………………..
(4) sex:……………………………….
(5) state of origin:…………………..
(6) your personal identity if possible:…

With this useful information we can be sure that when

your package arrives we deliver without further


I AM Jerry Mark
FedEx office.
Phone: +1 3154039838
FedEx office new york.

Request time. The infamous “Scoot” call.

This very adult call involves a banana and a bodily orifice.

      wtf moment 2 - scoot and the banana

That’ll fool them!

You know how a passport has a watermark to prevent forgery?¬† Scammers will often put a new photo over a faked passport, but leave the background completely white making it painfully obvious it’s a fake.¬† Not this smart scammer.¬† Oh no, not this one.¬† He goes the extra mile and makes it a foolproof forgery.

Or maybe not.

Sticks and stones may break my bones…

… but whips and chains excite me.

I got no hang-ups and BDSM is my only bad habit

That’s Wolverine levels of healing you have there.

I survived the bomb attack few days ago and I was hospitalize for yesterday on intensive treatment and I’m now 100% well and healthy.
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