AMERICA. Like a sore thumb

Here’s the entire email from the email just before this.¬† Do you get the impression that AMERICA was added in later?

I will like to use this opportunity to tell you about, this arrangement which has been made after the meeting we have with the federal ministry of finance, and the depth reconciliation committee (DMO) decided to approve your funds for we to deliver it through diplomatic means, over there in AMERICA our appointed destination, the diplomat will arrive by this month, as soon as the date is fixed I will get you informed and as soon as they arrive there in AMERICA they will call you and book appointment with you so that you will be able to fly down to AMERICA and see them one on one. As you can see everything is moving as planned, any of their duty fees you are going to pay it to them over there in AMERICA as soon as you meet them. But they are the people that will tell you their duty charges, as soon as the date is fixed I will call you and get you informed and the diplomat name so as soon as they call, you will know that they are the people directed from my office for the delivery. I think that will be ok by you because this is a new development and your name has been already included among the people that will receive their funds there in AMERICA  If you have any question regarding this recent development do not hesitate to let me know for I am always at your service.