The never ending Robert Carbuccia machine.

A few days ago I sent this scammer an email telling him to fuck off.  I didn’t hint at him to go away, I told him to “fuck off”.  Seriously, this shit has been going on for over 4 months now.  The guy is an idiot.  I’ve seen roadkill that had more brains than this waste of air.  Did he get the message?  Did he hell!

FedEx New York
ADDRESS > FedEx Kinko’s 105 Duane St New York, NY
10007  Delivery ATM payment department inheritance fund.
Phone: + 1-516-777-0994 mobile or  phone: +1-718-713-2152..

all packages is out now for delivery as soon as your final fee is completed.
dont allow your atm card to send back.

let me swear to you that your last fee have reduce to little base if you shall hurry up and send it immediately and
take your atm cardas united nation urge yesterday must have your atm card as soon as you make this last payment fee.

you have to contact me again in this email now do not call me i am very busy for delivery packages. +1-516-777-0994
do not allow your atm card loaded by zenith bank London in your favor as your Inheritance fund
which was lie down since to stay in domant position because
of little fee to obtain your last Document to attach in your
File before we deliver your atm card.

let me advice you again that we have bring all goods out for delivery
including your atm card package and for truth sake why do you want your
Good atm card to stay at domant or be counceled because of little fee
which shall cost you nothing but small price.

this is truth i will like you to try this last promise i gave to you and
see that you must receive your atm card this time as we want to respect
our immage why because some Hoodlums in the fedex abroad are tanishing the
immage of fedex that is why i was advicing you to try this last obligation
and see that you most enjoy your atm card this time.

now i will give you the name to send your fee and take your atm card for
sure to avoid no one to come and claim that you sent him this why fedex
office want to clear all goods in the fedex warehouse to avoid those
caming to present that you sent him to claim on your behalf.

you have to send your last reduce fee to Mr kelvin smith to enable
us attach your document and deliver your atm card on tuesday by 1 O’CLOCK AFTERNOON your own time.

kindly contact kelvin smith who base in west Africa been
transferred from Europe to west Africa for him to obtain your good
last single document called acquired ownership to attach in your File before we deliver your
atm card from fedex new york and deliver the following day.

you have to contact Mr kelvin Smith in this Email bellow for him to issue your last attach document.
Email: fedexkelvinsmith11@Safe-mail.netphone: +234-803-482-6233.

note: kindly stop any contact of another person and receive
your good transfer fund in atm card.

i am Robert Carbuccia
Fedex ew york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.
phone: +1-718-713-2152.
call me today as urgent.
Email me: