The Stupidest Scammer In Lagos, Robert Again.

Email sent to Mr. Gomer.
” i am Robert Carbuccia
Fedex new york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.
phone: +1-718-713-2152.
you can call me in new york today.
Email me :
call phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.

Hi sir.
i am Robert carbuccia
Fedex new york officer.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.

this is serious reminder. dont allow your atm card to deliver back as custom office have enter your delivery.

let me ask you about your atm card package which was in our position in fedex office new york and it have take long with us.

the question is to advice you today wether you like to receive your atm card package or not why because we receive message from security agent united nation and homeland security that they dont want any delaying tactics about delivery packages any more either we deliver back your package or you send your last fee and take your atm card the following day.

also i must advice you that we are ready to release your atm card this time hence you will comply to settle your obligation last fee which is holding your atm card then you must stay in door to receive your atm card immediately you send the last fee to Mr kelvin smith in west Africa.

this is Mr kelvin smith all contact reach him immediately for your last certificate of ownership. Email:
phone: +234-803-482-26233. kindly reach him he was transffered from europe to west africa last year.

warning, do not transact with any other person in west africa to avoid those hoodlums while you have bless as your money in atm card must arrive after payment of the last fee i promise you final as i am in new york fedex office.

Best Regards, i am Robert Carbuccia.
Fedex ew york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.
phone: +1-718-713-2152. call me in new york today.
you can call me in new york today.
Email me :”

What to do with this turkey? Have Mr. Gomer write back, of course. This email back to him should be good to keep his two brain cells clashing and emailing into empty space for another 3 months without any response from us. 😀

” Subject: Re:Fullish mugu ewu idiot

Dumbass Moron,

I do not want your stupid scam format scripts, you jackass.
I am an oga, idiot ewu yahoo small boi with no brains.

I want to chop you into pieces along with your fictitious ATM card,
and sell your body parts to the jujumen for 5 naira fuulish madman.

You need to meet Satan soon. He told me you are late giving him your
soul that you sold to him for small money.

Give me your address so I can send Satan to your house to pick you.

Chairman Oga Mr. Gomer”

Buck Frobisher better get ready for Robert’s increased bomming crap into his email account. 😉