Time travel trouble.

Death never give me the opportunity of having to enjoy the comfort of my good home for long as i first lost my mother two days to my 17Th birthday anniversary on Saturday 16-11-2005 in a molestation incident but i always believe Allah knows the best. It was after the death of my mother that my father concluded that Iran is no more safe for girls and he took the decision that i will continue my education in Senegal

A terrible story (if it wasn’t completely made up).  BUT, later on in the email. we see this.

i was in Senegal studying during the period of Earthquake that took place in Bam citadel of the early morning time on Friday the 26Th of December, 2003 that caused the instant death of my younger brother with other relatives though my father survived with serious multiple injuries.   On Tuesday the 30Th of December which is exactly five days after the earthquake, my father gave up the ghost

I see a slight problem there.  Do you?