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FedEx New York
ADDRESS > FedEx Kinko’s 105 Duane St New York, NY
10007  Delivery ATM payment department inheritance fund.
Phone: + 1-718-713-2152  CALL  ME..
EMAIL:  fedexoffice_newyork123@Safe-mail.net

Dear client/customer

I am Robert  Carbuccia
from  FedEx New York  office.
Phone: + 1-718-713-2152  call  me

kindly once again provide to us your full delivery address to enable  us
make the delivery of your ATM CARD that was sent to you  by  zenith
Bank  London.  as  your  ineherittance  Fund  about  Fifteen  Million
Dollars  in  zenith  Bank  London.

the  contact  person  in  zenith  bank  london  is  davis  williams,
phone: +44-7035959142.  who  send  your  atm  card  to  Fedex  office  now  york.

We apologize for the delay of the FUND transfer and will make it a
success  delivery this time hence you give to us your full name and
address  including your  number to avoid delivery mistake.

Full name:——————————————
country: —————————————-
persona; Identity—————————————————- –
your nearest airport in  your  area.——————————–

with this useful information we can be sure that when your package arrives
we deliver without further problems.

I AM DR Robert  carbuccia.
FedEx office new york.
Phone: + 1-718-713-2152  CALL  ME.