Robert Carbuccia wishes you all a happy 4th of July.

FedEx New York, I am Robert Carbuccia.
ADDRESS > FedEx Kinko’s 105 Duane St New York, NY
10007 Delivery ATM payment department inheritance fund.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.

i  am  contacting  you  been  the  public  holidays  in  united  state
for  you  to  remark  our  delivery  Email  this  is  our  delivery  atm
Email:  as  you  will  now  only  contact  me  in
this  Email  address:  for  delivery  of  your  atm

also  you  have  to  remark  me  with  my phone  number  :  phone:
+1-516-777-0994.  that  is  any  time  I  show  you  Email  you  must  get
my  phone  number  there  to  remark  that  I  am  the  original  Robert
carbuccia  to  avoid  those  hackers  all  over  the  internet.

really  we  dont  need  delivery  fee  but  attach  document  of  2012
current  year  which  was  demanded   by  united  this  is  the  we
demand  from  you  no  other  fee   again  unless  2012  last  document

Today I am contacting you regarding that your Atm Card must be on the way
as soon as you send your remain last fee due to that we receive a letter
from United Nation last week to clear all pending luggages in the Fedex
offices due to differents report by customers all over the Global net
works .

now I am urging you finaly to meet up the fomer demand by the fedex office
new york to enable you receive your Good atm card which was lied on the
fedex office new york to avoid those that always came and claim you have
sent them to receive on your behalf and if i told you many things we have
be geting regarding your atm card as illegal people were caming to present
them self that they was sent by you which you decline while because of
what you siad in the past that you did not sent any one to claim on your
behalf that is why we disagree with them.

kindly use your initiative as a human being to send your last fee and take
your atm card for sure do not listen to those that casting others
tanishing the immage of people dont mind the enemy to confuse you because
they dont want your progress send your fee and enjoy your atm card i am
assuring you from today.

you have to contact Mr kelvin Smith in this Email bellow. and take your
atm card immediately you send your last obligation fee send it and see
your miracle.
phone: +234-803-482-26233.

Thanks I  am  Robert carbuccia
Fedex new york office.
phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile.