So much wrong with this one.

Let’s start with the name.

Patrick Kenturkey

And his description.

About me…..I am seeking a male soul mate..NOT into women.

I’m a modern man and have no problems with that.  However…..

Am looking forward to meet someone that caring,lovely,honest,trustworthy, sexy,romantic,with a great sense of humor A Woman that as goals and Dreams,A Woman that will do all her best to see that i do smile day and night Someone that will laugh at me whenever i do silly things A Woman that will tell me what i do wrong whenever i offend her..and i will go down on my kneels and apology to her A woman that i can take to work in the morning and also get him back home when she get off from work Someone that i can rub her back when we are getting our shower and also put lotion on her a woman that i can get dinner ready whenever she get late back home A Woman that i can get her bath water ready in the morning.Whenever she get off from work and feel tired..i will get her suit off and put her back on the bed and watch her till she go to sleep A Woman that i can play with her hair every night…….

For someone who’s not into women, he sure does seem to want one a lot.  How about his description then?

Ethnicity:African American
Body Type:About average
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black

Googling African American photos shows up people like Oprah, Will Smith and President Obama.  So what does this African American with black eyes and black hair look like?

Dumb.  Just plain dumb.

Now, I should make sure to point out that the guy in the photo is NOT the scammer.  He’s an innocent person whose photo has been stolen by a scammer.