It’s very simple. Female picture, female script.

Ellen Wood

ohh nice to hear from u Again..But im single with know kidz and im very serious here lookig for my soul mate.. And Its a blessed morning and the thoughts of you runs through my mind like a living stream flowing with passion. You on my mind feels like i have won a Lottery. I have never felt this way in my entire life.If i was told that you are a falling angel i will never doubt in any way ..Because you see so perfect than any other thing i have ever touch on earth….You are just too special for me to hurt in any way …No matter the barriers and borders between us i will never loose any single love i have for you because you part of me and i will never make it in this life if not to the sweet support you gave me .. Baby i know this is hard on you now to understand how much more i feel about you every single second and minute that passes by..i want you to know that your husband thinks much more about you than you feel about him…i am 29 years Darlin..

And what does this “husband” look like?