I’ll drink to that.

this is the things you will be expecting from him in the gift any moment from now,
A package which teddy beer was inside it, inside the teddy beer, i put the sum of $30,000USD

Money on his mind.

Your fiscal out looking photos attracted me to pick you among others

Allen, Alice, close enough.

Sgt. Allen Glaer <mrsaliceafarah@gmail.com>

A stitch in time saves $390.

The unpaid sum of $390 revenue income is the Government charges Which
Can not be weaved or ignore

Like the worm that he is.

My whole body is inching

Clickety clack.

Please, this is to officially inform you that a court clack in my
court have few hours ago applied on your behalf for the issuance of
the presidential waiver certificate

Buy that scammer a globe.

Houston, Texas, Switzerland

She’s just a girl who can’t study no.

Studied Yes at California College of Health Sciences

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